Svetlana (sugar_bliss) wrote,



Where do you live:
Musical interests:
Other interests (films, adventures stuff, blablabla's):


Favourite Monkey and why:
Whatever People Say... or Favourite Worst Nightmare?:
Their best B-Side:
Their weakest B-Side:
Top 5 of your favourite songs by them:
The first song you've heard from them:
Current favourite song:
Favourite music video by them and why:
Have you seen them live?:
Have you ever met them or seen them from far?:
Do you think that the country you live in appreciates them like you do or are they rather underrated?:
Do you share a memory with one of their songs?:
If you were send to a desert island and you were only allowed to take one single song from AM, which one would it be?
Do your friends or family listen to their music too?:
How did you feel when you found out that Andy has left the band?:
Now be complete honest! First time you heard about Andy's replacement Nick O'Malley, did you like him from day one or were you rather disliking him? ;D


... if you would have heard that AM were going to split:
... if you would have heard that one of the boys were in an accident and you'd have no idea how critical it was:
... if you would have won a competition to Meet&Greet AM:
... if you would hear that one of the boys was engaged:
... if your door bell would ring and all four boys would stand in front of you:
... if you would be sitting in a pub and one of the boys would start talking and flirting with you (he doesn't know how much you actually love the band):
... if someone would forbid you to listen to AM forever:


Do you daydream about AM?:
Do your family members and friends know about your fandom towards the band? If yes, what do they think about it?:
What would you say to the people who say that AM are "sell-outs" or "overhyped"?:
Do you own merchandise of AM? If you do, what sort?:
If you could decide how the next album should sound like, how ideal would it be for you?:
Are you looking forward how the Miles Kane and Alex Turner project will sound like?:


Now it's your turn. You are the manager of the boys. You need to find a location for their ultimate gig. Where would it be?:
Would you invite VIP's? If yes, who? (friends and family are not included!):
Write down your ultimate setlist for the gig:
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